Monday, July 27, 2009

Breakfast Launch

Kevin and I were out late on Friday night, but he still had to get up to take Matthew to the Cub Scout fishing derby on Saturday morning. I set the alarm for 8am which I figured would be plenty of time for him to get ready and to get the 2 older boys out the door by 8:45 for the 9am start time. We start moving quickly... I throw a bowl of cereal to Matthew and a toaster strudel to Tyler... Kevin starts to prepare his breakfast... cinnamon rolls, eggs and tater tots! We are rushing, trying to make sure that everyone has what they need and out the door they go... Kevin with his nicely made paper plate with all his fixings. As I stand waving at the front door, he blows me a kiss and starts to take off. The car then stops quickly, the door flies open and he proceeds to throw his breakfast across the front lawn... Apparently it had fallen off its perch and into his lap!!! I think if steam could come out of one’s head today would have been the day!!

The dog enjoyed herself though!

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