Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Remember when earning merit badges was fun! All the cool activities you got to try and projects you got to make.
I think there should be Mom Scouts. An organization where you have to complete mom tasks to earn merit badges.

Examples of badges I would include in the handbook:

Screaming grocery shop... You don't earn this one unless all 3 kids are in tears and you run screaming things like "can I have, can we get, I need and I want" on your way back to the car.

Drive up mania... This one requires tears from the kids in the backseat, that are all bent out of shape because you told them you were ordering from the dollar menu today and not getting happy meals with toys!

Phone etiquette, mom style... This one is tricky. It requires you to have the look. I mean that nasty stare you give your child because you desperately need them to be quiet while you talk to the electric company because you forgot to pay the bill... Just an example, not real!!!

Finger snapping... I own this one. I can snap my fingers so loud that the neighborhood dogs come looking for treats. I mean when you are earning the phone etiquette badge you may need to add the snapping to get your point across, because clapping is so rude!!

These are just a few in the hundreds I would include... Send me your ideas for more, maybe we can really get this thing off the ground... ha ha ha

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