Friday, October 23, 2009

Chex Mix for Dinner

This evening turned out a lot differently than I thought it would be. I think as my kids get older and I run out of hours in the day, simple tasks become harder and harder.
The store called this afternoon to let me know that my new glasses were ready for me to pick up. I have been waiting for a week and with a very busy weekend ahead I just decided to make the trek through the tunnel tonight, and pick them up.
The boys were playing down the street so I asked my neighbor to keep them while Jack and I "ran" down, for a "quick trip" to Norfolk to retrieve the glasses. Of course I have some of the best friends around, so off I go on my merry way...
Got there in 30 minutes... no problem.
In the eyeglass shop... have to wait... a small problem, but nothing a cheese stick and some apple juice can't handle.
In the grocery store for a few things... Jack started to really crank up the noise... so as every good mother does, once in a while, I grabbed a bag of chex mix, opened it and passed it to the little noise maker, just so I could get out of the store! (Don't worry, I paid for it)
Back in the car, on the highway and then we STOPPED>>> TRAFFIC>>> ACCIDENT IN THE TUNNEL>>> 5 MILE BACKUP>>> NO OTHER WAY HOME>>> AHHHH

5 calls to friends, 2 starburst, a smashed 3 musketeers bar and 90 minutes later, we pull into the driveway. It is then that I realize, my sweet little toddler had eaten the entire package of chex mix on the way home and not a crumb was left!

What is the lesson here??? Other than never try to drive across the water on a Friday afternoon again, I got nothing!!!

Don't worry, I gave him a big glass of milk and some grapes before I put him to bed... He'll be fine!!!

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  1. I have definitely been there where my kids have eaten some unconventional dinners. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck on the giveaway!