Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Sorry

Today was a long day for the boys. They were up way too late last night and awoke way too early this morning. Tyler doesn't handle being tired very well. (I don't know where he gets that from). Needless to say he had a full day of correction and discipline for his rudeness. I think I received 2 or 3 (heart-felt) apologies, all of them I had demanded of course.
Anyhow, this evening I reached my limit. I sent him to bed and told him not to come out until tomorrow morning or he would be grounded for a week! Extreme, I know, but like I said, I had reached my limit!
After 10 minutes or so he come out to apologize one final time for the evening and since I was in no mood, I didn't even respond. As her turned on his heel, he yells, "I even risked getting grounded to come out and say I was sorry and you don't even say anything". You realize that ignoring him took all my strength but I pulled through.
An hour or so later I decided to check on the little cherubs and discovered this note waiting for me on the table...

Once again I am sorry for being rude but it has occurred to me that you don't accept my apologies so I should just stop apologizing.
From Tyler

Nothing says I'm sorry like a nasty note telling me you are not apologizing anymore.

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  1. My Tyler had a day like that as are not alone=)