Sunday, November 8, 2009

Out with the OLD!

I spent the day today digging through every drawer and closet for any and all articles of clothing that no longer fit my children. My good friend J and I will be traveling 60 miles to a resale shop to get some CASH for Christmas. They take everything from Boppy pillows and strollers to big kid clothes and shoes! I am so excited! I have 4 tubs of clothes along with 2 baskets of toys and a stroller. It's like preparing for a yard sale only different!
The spirit moved me so far that I even dug into my own closets and drawers. Out with the tired shirts I have been wearing for 3 years and the pants that are too faded to wear even in the garden.
There is one other thing that got pitched in the TRASH... Every last piece of lingerie that I own. Yep, all the nighties, robes and lacy stuff went into the big can outside! I am DONE with that!!!!! Not to mention that if and when I EVER go back down that road... I WILL BUY NEW!!!


  1. It always feels great to declutter. It is like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I save some stuff for our yearly yard sale and I donate some and send some to a children's consignment shop.

  2. What fun we had today! Thanks for going oh and for the lunch! :-)

  3. good point about the lingere. Although now I'm thinking you should have stuffed it in the mattress or somewhere to be discovered by someone else... ;)