Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jack's Big Day

Yesterday was Jack's big day! He turned 2 years old. I can hardly believe that he is officially out of the baby stage and on to bigger and better things. He had a super time last night opening his gifts and playing with all his new toys. Personally I think that the favorite one so far is the gigantic bouncy horse!!! I mean, before we could even get his uncle to put it together for him he was pretending to gallop around the living room!!!

Needless to say he was a bit over tired last night at bedtime and when I ultimately put him on the changing table to get his jammies on, he was yelling, "Ri-ya, Ri-ya, Ri-ya," as fast as he could, over and over again! In a true mom moment I said, out loud, "Oh, do you want to ride your horse?" He stands up all excited and says, "k,k,KAAAA," which means okay! I then had to dash his hope of one last ride and he was crushed! I felt terrible!! Oh well, he survived, slept soundly through the night and ran out to the living room first thing this morning to mount up! Really a great gift!! Just don't know where I am going to put it!!!

He also figured out quickly how to use the stir-up as a cup holder, for his new ice cream cone toy!!! So cute!


  1. I can here his excitement! I just miss kissing on those cheeks! Bring him to me!
    Love and miss you!
    Happy Birthday Jack!