Friday, January 29, 2010

Off to VA!

So, the boys and I are off to VA for what appears to be a very snowy weekend! The anticipation of the trip is brimming out of our heads. We have missed all of our friends desperately. I could just cry with excitement for my boys, they can't wait! Too bad we have a 4 hour drive!!
Speaking of the drive, you will all be glad to know that I will now be traveling with AAA in my back pocket! After the last trip and the car problems, I think it is safe to say that I will, "Never leave home without it!"
The other day Matthew and I were driving along and I was chatting with my mom on my cell, don't worry, I am always hands free!! Anyway, I was talking about AAA and Matthew chimes in, "It's way better than double A, we don't want to go with just double A again! Actually Mommy, I think we need quadruple A!"
I have been laughing since! Always glass half full for that kid!!


  1. Safe travels!!! Please be very careful and have a great trip!