Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dinnertime Antics!!

Last night's dinner was anything but relaxing. I have always tried to use the time at the table as an opportunity to talk to my boys. They hardly ever have an answer other than "good and yes", but I still ask!
Jack was off his rocker last night. He was silly, crazy and just plain mis-behavin! His dinner consisted of chicken nuggets, applesauce and milk! Just as I sat down to start my meal, he launched the half full applesauce cup, which he had stuffed full of chicken nuggets, down to the floor. Needless to say that Tyler and Matthew could hardly contain their laughter. I on the other hand was furious. I could not believe the mess on the floor, or his face! All I could do was let the dog start licking it up! Thank God for dogs, right? I know it makes me a great mom! I even told the other boys to go around the mess, to put their bowls in the sink, because the dog was not done cleaning!!!
Just as I think I can breath again, Jack leans forward in the highchair, (I am sure to survey the damage) and lets one rip!!! It was the loudest, most ridiculous fart I have ever heard come out of him and he was in hysterics! Not to mention the other 2 practically rolling in laughter. All I could do was take a deep breath, count to ten, and say, "Excuse you." Don't worry, I am laughing about it all now!!


  1. WOW! What a interesting dinner you certainly had. Kids are certainly unpredictable. :)

  2. You should be a fly on the wall at our dinner. My father gave us a fart machine toy that makes farting sounds, among other obnoxious noises. In response to everything I say to my children, their new reply is to press a button on the fart machine. Good times.