Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am sorry I have been a no show lately! Things have been super crazy here in our house and I am just catching up to my online life! Jack has been REALLY sick. He started with a fever on Sunday and by Tuesday it was 105! You read that right it was 105 so we rushed to the Doc and now we have some antibiotics, but still really sick. Just have to give it a little more time. I am super tired too, every 3 hours to deliver medicine really wears on you when you are used to sleeping through the night!!! I pray he is all better SOON!!
Tyler had a friend over yesterday! It is the first time since we moved here that he has had someone come to play. He is still thanking me. I am so relieved that the boys are really starting to settle in and make some new friends.
Matthew is just coasting along and going with the flow. I appreciate that he is so easy to please, especially when other crazy life things happen!
So that's it, you are all caught up now! I am off to get the second one up and out the door for school! Jack is still sleeping and I really hope that I can keep it that way. I am excited to be getting my hair cut today. There is nothing like a renewed hair style to make you feel good about yourself!!
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