Friday, May 28, 2010

Totally disappointed with APPLE!

I can't seem to get over them not fixing my ipod touch. It was only 16 months old when it started going haywire and now it is fried... their words! They said the hard drive is dead and it will cost me $190 to fix it. Well if I had that much I would just buy a new one! They did offer me a 10% discount on a new one, but again... There is no extra money these days in my new life as a single mom of 3 boys. I took seriously good care of it too. The screen isn't even scratched up or anything. I wish that Apple would have been more helpful rather than tell me I was out of luck, unless I wanted to buy a new product. Thanks for NOTHING Apple. They are making a killing, I just wish they would have done something to help me out.

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