Monday, July 19, 2010

I am BACK!!

It has been a long month! Lots of ups and downs in my household, but I am happy to report that I AM BACK and better than ever!
The kids are loving their summer vacation. I am trying to keep everyone busy and happy, which is no small task!! I mean really... You try combining 12 year old activities with 2 year old activities and see how much hair you have left at the end of the day!!
We have spent lots of hours at the beach or in our neighbor's pool and that seems to keep all entertained for hours! I even get to sit without someone on my lap or asking me for food while they play in the waves and throw sand at each other!

I am gainfully employed as well! I have been hired as a church secretary and I am loving the position. Jack is transitioning from being a full-time stay at home kid to a full time day care kid and he seems to be handling the change very well. I miss him lots but his daycare is 25 feet away from my office so I can catch a glimpse of him when I am going through withdrawl!!

Tyler and Matthew love summer camp and then they hate summer camp. I never know which day is going to be which but they have to go, so they might as well put a smile on ther face!!

Please stay tuned and tell your friends to start following me! I am working on some great giveaways and product reviews as we speak and you will not want to miss them!

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  1. I can't believe how big they are getting! Just think in 4 years Tyler will be driving!!!!!!!! Better keep the van for a few more years so you an pass it on to him!!!!!