Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mornings are especially crazy around my house. Trying to get all 3 boys and myself ready to all walk out the door at the exact same time is becoming increasingly difficult! This morning was no exception!
Tyler and Matthew were both dragging this morning, which of course translates into them being in my way! Jack woke up earlier then normal so I put him in his highchair with some cinnamon apples and off I went to dry my hair. I was gone a total of 3 minutes, my hair is so short, and this is what he looked like when I got back to the kitchen:

And he says, " Wook mommy soap!" That's right folks, he had rubbed gooey cinnamon apples all over his face, hair, arms, ears, and everywhere else he could in an effort to clean himself!!
I once again thought that my head was going to explode!!! I removed him from the highchair, laid him across the kitchen counter and told him to put his head down in the sink while I used the spray nozzle to clean him off. He was then soaked, I was soaked and when you add the other 2 moving around the house at a snails pace, this morning did not go as planned!
But, not all was lost, I still managed to make eggs and toast and leave the house with my cup of coffee. Jack just has crunchy hair today. Oh well, you can't win them all!!

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