Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To be prepared... Or not be prepared!

Calling all military moms... Well, actually calling all moms who have ever thought they were prepared for something, only to find out at the last minute that things were not working out the way you wanted them to!
Case in point!
My oldest son had a doctor's appointment today. This wasn't just any appointment; it was one that I wasn't going to have to take him to. That meant I wasn't going to have to pack a bag of snacks, drinks, toys, blankies and binkies, just to take one well child to the doctor for a camp physical. I wasn't going to have to shovel Cheerios into Jack while trying to pay attention to Matthew and the impending Pokemon battle on his Nintendo DS while listening to Tyler complain for the 100th time about his upcoming immunizations!
I carefully laid out the proper paperwork for my husband last night. I took my time filling in all the blanks, crossing all my Ts and dotting all my Is. Then I dug out the shot record and placed everything together on the table so that I won't have the 6am wake up, asking where it all was.
Please keep in mind that since becoming parents 11 years ago my husband has only been on one solo flight to the doctor with a child, so this isn't just your run of the mill husband helping out... This is a milestone!
I couldn't have been more thrilled today when I got the call from my husband that he had retrieved our son from camp and they were off to the appointment. That was right up until the moment I realized that I had forgotten one very important thing... Tyler's military ID card!! Without it, No doctor visit!
Unbelievable!! All my careful planning right out the window or should I say door... Out I flew with the bag and the other 2 kids in tow, off to meet up with my hubby to deliver the ID card. I should have known that this was one plan that would not go off without a hitch!

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