Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quiet Troublemaker

So this is Jack! He is a quiet troublemaker! One day recently I had gated him in his room so he could play and I could work around the house without tripping over him! I, of course, have made sure that his room is "baby-proofed." We have the cords all hidden behind furniture and all the plugs have those cover things in them, just to name a few of the measures parents take! On this day I even unplugged the nightlight and put a cover in so that he couldn't get hurt with that.
Off I go to fold laundry and make beds and after a few minutes of all the musical toys being quiet, I figure it is a good time to sneak around the corner and peak in. So there I go, as quiet as a mouse. Careful to not disrupt him, because we all know that once you are spotted, it's all over!

Low and behold this is what I found!! After all my hard baby-proofing work, the child still manages to play with something that he shouldn't... Q-TIPS!!! Who knew that the back of the bottom drawer of the dresser would not be safe from the curious mind of Jack! Oh well. Better luck next time!

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