Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Be Careful Dad

Well, I mentioned that Matthew is my silly kid and I thought I would take a minute to prove that! We recently took a huge family trip to Disney world. For anyone who has taken their family there, you know that it's really an anything goes sort of place! You want a hat, sure. You want candy, sure. You want the world's largest ice cream sandwich, sure. We conquered ever inch of every park and made some magical memories in the process. None as memorable as Matthew's comment as we walked through the turn style to exit the park, "Careful dad, or it will hit you in the NUTS".

Other parents might think this was utterly embarrassing and hide their faces in shame as the ticket/gate operator erupted into laughter... Not us. We laughed so hard, I thought I would wet my pants!!! It was just the thing after the long exhausting day of fighting the crowds and warding off the, I wants, I needs and the can I haves! Leave it to Matthew to put a whole new spin on things, literally!

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