Monday, July 13, 2009

Water Balloons

So, to start off this blog I thought I would tell a quick story about my oldest son, Tyler. Just the other day I purchased this seemingly great new water balloon toy! You put the water balloon in and close the ball, set the timer and toss the ball from person to person until the timer stops, at which point the balloon explodes, splashing water all over the unfortunate soul that has it in their hot little hand! Sound Fun??? Well, Tyler couldn't wait to go out and start filling up the balloons! It was 8:15 Saturday morning! I was barely able to keep my eyes open but he was ready to GO! So, after I reluctantly give in he runs to put on his bathing suit and out the door he flies! Exactly 3 minutes later Tyler comes to the door all bent out of shape complaining about the little plastic nozzle that attaches to the hose being a piece of Junk and blah blah blah. I follow him outside, in my Pjs no less, to fix the situation. After a whole load of hemming and hawing He finally settles into the chair and starts to get some filled up and I return to my untouched cup of coffee and the spot on the couch that is calling my name! After about 20 minutes I return to the front door to ask how things are going. I, of course, was expecting a bucket of balloons ready to roll and instead there were approximately 10. He starts back in with the "can't you help" and the "this is no fun". I can't help but ask what's not fun and he responds with a blank stare "I AM ALL WET".

Are you kidding me...? You are filling up water balloons for the fight to end all fights and the only thing that can come out of your mouth is that you are all wet... Correct me if I am wrong, isn't that the point in the first place??

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  1. this is a perfect tale that sums up the little bugger named tyler that we've all come to know and love!