Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tornado Warning

There are two words in the world that send my poor son Matthew into a tailspin. Tornado Warning! Just the other day we had one... The red scroll across the bottom of the screen, the loud beeping siren as the scary voice reads the warning. Then Matthew flies off the couch, covers his ears and starts to cry. I mean really cry. "I don't want to die, I've had a good life and I want to go to heaven but not right now". Then comes the concern for his baby brother, "Jack is too young to die. He's only 1, I don't want him to die either."
My husband and I are looking at each other, neither one really sure that we know just the right words to say to console him. It was truly something out of a movie. You know the kind where they throw a huge cup of water at the hysterical person to bring them back from the edge!
Of course there was not a tornado. Our house is still standing and we are all still alive.
I don't think that Matthew should pursue a career on Storm Chasers when he grows up. Maybe building bunkers is going to be a better fit.

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