Sunday, November 22, 2009


Life is full of choices. We all make them. Some are good and some are bad but we still make them!!
Today's choice was to either purchase my son a saxophone or to purchase myself a bed. I weighed the pros and cons, on the couch, all night last night. Did I just go ahead and spend the $40 a month to rent a saxophone or did I bite the bullet and make the purchase of a used one that he could call his own.
Or did I buy myself a bed. A nice comfy, soft bed with new sheets, pillows and a pretty comforter. Something that I could walk into my room every night and climb into for a well deserved rest before the new crazy day ahead.
The choice was clear... I am currently listening to Jingle Bells being belted out at full volume, while I wait for my mother to bring me an air mattress for my room.
Sometimes being a parent is so rewarding!!! Just hope he doesn't wreck it!!!

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