Friday, November 20, 2009

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources

Are you aware of the UnitedHealthcare StudentResources insurance program that offers protection/coverage for injury AND sickness, 24/7/365?
The Health Plan is available to K-12 students from ages 5–18,(ages 4-18 in Texas).
There are over 2000 public school systems/districts throughout the US that participate with UHCSR to offer this plan. From small rural school districts to the largest in the nation such as Los Angeles Unified and Miami/Dade County. UHCSR’s program is also available through many participating private schools. It is also nationally available through schools that belong to the Association of Christian Schools International.
UHCSR is a division of UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company which has been dedicated to student insurance programs for over 40 years. Because UHCSR focuses on students, they have a better understanding of the unique needs of this age group.
In these difficult economic times UHCSR has challenged national trends by INCREASING benefits while KEEPING the premium at 2008 levels. Many families are while the K12 Health Plan can provide a level of protection for uninsured children, it is also being purchased by many families who have high deductible employer coverage. If you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to meet your employer plan deductible, the K12 Health Plan can reimburse you for your children’s eligible medical expenses while they are working toward meeting your employer plan’s deductible. This could add up to huge savings for struggling families.
This health care insurance plan is designed to be affordable at only $588 per policy year or just $98 every two months. You can enroll your student at any point in the school year.
If you are interested in obtaining more information you can check out the full plan details and the easy online enrollment at their award winning site
Once you are on the website you can follow these directions to get the most information as well as enroll: Click on Plans & Pricing tab and enter school district name (or just a few letters) to find and select your child’s school. Click View Plan Materials to see the plan brochure, and review the Student Health Plan Coverage page regarding Student Injury and Sickness Benefits. When you are ready to enroll, click the Enroll Now button on the Plans & Pricing tab (or from the Home page). You will complete some information about your child, select your Injury and Sickness plan, create your account, and make a payment by credit card or e-check.

“Kids will be kids. … That’s why we’re here. …Our student health plan helps protect kids while they are being kids.”

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