Saturday, December 5, 2009


I must say that bedtime used to be my favorite time of the day. I could put the kiddos to bed, get some housework done and be all comfy on the couch in time for the 8pm shows.
Well, that no longer happens! Now that Tyler is "older", I can't put him to bed at 7:30 or even 8 o'clock. Frankly I think that I am pushing the envelope by insisting that he head there at 9pm.
The weekends are really tough. They both think that they should get to stay up so that puts everyone up to 9pm if not later! Tonight was deceiving! I sent them to bed around 9:10. Everyone gave me a hug, brushed their teeth and went quickly to their room. I settle in on the couch, picked the USA movie of the weekend, I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry, and tuned in.
So 9:15 roles around and Tyler needs an ace bandage for a mysterious sprained ankle... 9:20 roles around and Matthew is throwing pillows at him... 9:30 Matthew is calling him a baby because he still sleeps with a blankie... 9:40 all is quiet.

AHHH, I can breath, watch Adam Sandler and just veg out...

9:50pm, just at the exact moment in the movie where the pretend gay guy feels up his new BFF, out pops Tyler, like a stealth fighter, wanting to show Matthew the pictures of him when he was born!!!
Can I get a break?? I fly off the couch, yelling about watching an adult movie and they should go to sleep immediately or we are going to go to church 3 times tomorrow as punishment for them driving me crazy!
I no longer love bedtime infact, I dread it!! At least Jack goes down without a fight. Otherwise, I wouldn't have any sanity left!!

By the way, it's rated PG-13... Not M!!!

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