Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Friends

Today was a special day for Matthew. He has been asking to have his new friend over for 2 weeks now. Her mom finally called on Sunday night and we decided that today would be the day. He has been so excited.

On Monday, I found a note in his room that said "Dear ----, Do you think I am cute?" Tyler of course had a few things to say about that and I had to have a talk with Matthew, who I remind you is only 8, about how he is too young for those questions and that he should just concentrate on having a nice time with his friend over.

On Tuesday afternoon, all Matthew could talk about was how Wednesday was his special day. He had the entire afternoon planned, right down to what I should serve for snack!

On Tuesday evening, Matthew announces that he will be showering right after school and putting on deodorant just before she comes over! I said, "why do you need to shower?", his response was, "because I want to be clean and not smell bad."

So low and behold today arrives... I swear the boy was skipping on his way to the bus stop this morning. He took special care to match his clothes; Not something he really cares about usually!

After school, I went outside knowing that her mom was coming right from school and I had told her I would be out in the front of our apartment so she could find us with no problem.
Up they pull, Matthew wasn't even home yet! I had butterflies in my stomach. I had cleaned all day. I had even put on makeup! To be honest, I was just as excited as Matthew to have new friends coming over!
Out of the truck pops this adorable brown haired girl dressed in all pink with a box of Pokemon cards in her hand! She also brought her Bakugan, her DSi and a Pokemon video. I couldn't hide my smile. She is the perfect playmate for Matthew! She likes all the same things as him. She packed the exact same things that Matthew would have. They even played Star Wars!
All in all it was a great afternoon! We both made new friends. The kids played everything they could think of and us moms got some time to chat. We have been here for 2 months and things are finally starting to settle into place.
So tonight I say, "Thanks Matthew, we needed this!"

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