Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things That Went Wrong Today

1. I woke up late, which then makes the kids late, which then makes me cranky, which then makes them cranky!
2. Jack's overnight diaper leaked... Everywhere. I absolutely hate when this happens.
3. I had to drive back to the scout store and get the correct items for the Court of Honor, which was tonight!!
4. Gave Jack a pen to play with at the doctor's office and while I was talking to the doctor, he wrote all over his legs!
5. Started sewing all the patches to the boys uniforms, now this is something that I should have been doing all along, but choose to wait until the last minute and cram it into my evening!
6. Went the wrong way to cub scouts! Arrived late!
7. Forgot the needle to continue my patch sewing while at Matthew's meeting, so I could finish Tyler's shirt, 45 minutes before the ceremony!!!
8. Ate too much sugar at the celebration after the awards and now I have a killer stomach ache!

Now, on any given day I would be able to handle a few of these things, but you add in the pouring rain and the drive to school to pick up a whining tween, because he didn't want to get wet and that just sends you into a tail spin you can't recover from!!!!
I am off to catch some beauty sleep, I better remember to set the alarm so we don't go through this all over again tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh no!
    Hope tomorrow is better.
    Even though this post made me laugh, only because it wasn't me going through that ;D
    PS-I have given you an award over at my blog because I love your blog. :)