Friday, February 12, 2010


We have all heard the saying that, "Kids say the funniest things." Well, my kids are no exception! Yesterday I worked really hard cleaning the joint! I did like 100 loads of laundry, dishes, cleaned out Jack's drawers, gave the bathroom a good scrubbing... you get the picture!
One of the jobs I didn't mention was cleaning out the refrigerator! It's not a job that I really ever think about, until I have no more Tupperware in the cabinet and nothing else to store my left overs in!! I dug around through the way back and found all kinds of food that I forgot about!! Mexican, Italian, cut up fruit, etc... So I took everything out, threw away the food (and yes I know there are starving kids in the world, but I assure you they wouldn't want this stuff!) and really gave it the once over!
So, everyday when Tyler gets home he says, "So what did you do today?" Today's response was no different than any other day, I rattled off a list of things, knowing he really wasn't listening, and then I ask him about his day. After about 10 minutes he ventures over to the frig to grab a snack and he says, "Wow, did you change the light bulb in the frig because it sure is bright in there?"
I have been laughing ever since!! Yep, you're right kid, I just changed the light bulb to make it brighter!!!!

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