Saturday, April 10, 2010

Changing AGAIN!

I have been MIA for a week now and I apologize for that! Things are crazy around here, again and I finally have a few minutes to update you all on my life!
The boys and I are moving back to VA. We are going right back where we came from! I am excited and they are thrilled. They already have sleepovers lined up in their heads! So I will spend the next 5 days packing everything we own, once again, and then unpacking back into our house! The good news is that I know where everything goes! Can't beat moving back to a house you have already lived in!!
We also had spring break! I still don't know who benefits from days off from school! I guess teachers, but not this SAHM! Especially when I have been averaging 4 hours of typing a day for my medical transcription program!! They think I am playing on here! We did do some fun things though and celebrated Easter with a new tradition, Going out to dinner!!! That's right no preparing food, cramming everyone in my apartment, serving, cleaning, etc. We went to TGI Fridays and it was great! The was practically empty, we had great service, and then we walked away with no clean up, unless you count the fact that Jack rubbed Mac & Cheese over every square inch of his body that he could reach!
Well, I better get back to packing! I have lots to do and I will quickly run out of hours before the Uhaul arrives!!
I'll be back soon, I promise!!

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