Friday, May 7, 2010

The last few weeks!

Really, all I can say is wow! I am sooo tired and still have a million and one things to do! The move back to VA was a success. The boys and I are getting settled in quite nicely. I mean really, how hard was it going to be... We moved back to the same house, the same friends, the same school and even most of the same classes. I even put my things away in the same spots!
More things have stayed the same as well. Tyler got poison ivy all over his face and spent most of this week on the couch with one eye swollen shut! I even had to take him to the ER for some steroids to help battle the inflammation!
Just when he started to get back to real life, Jack threw up all over his room. There is nothing more disgusting then finding your screaming toddler pucking his brains out all over EVERYTHING!
So you see, just as I thought we were coasting along with no worries, the boys throw a wrench at me! Oh well.
I promise to be a better blogger. I have stories to tell, just no time to type them out! I will though, I swear!

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