Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am so happy to be back in my house. I missed it so much. I know that probably sounds silly, but the truth is, I really love this house. It is the perfect size, the kitchen is great, and the neighbors are awesome. We have made some tremendous friends over the past 4 years and I look forward to all the good times to come.
Tyler has settled back in very well. He just had a weekend of band activities, including a trip to Busch Gardens! He started back up with the Boy Scout troop he was in and he is really happy to have his friends back.
Matthew has also adapted nicely. He is kind of easy going and that has always been helpful. He is thrilled to have countless friends at his disposal everyday. He has played with toys that have not been out of the closet in 6 months, pretty much since we left.
Jack doesn't really know the difference!! He is happy anywhere, as long as there are trucks, tractors and motorcycles to play with. His vocabulary is becoming very broad and he talks/shouts to me all the time!
As for me, I am excited about a lot of things! I am having a Scentsy party in a few weeks! I just love their products and my house has never smelled so good!! (P.S. If you are interested let me know, you can place an order and help me out!!) Yes that was a very obvious plug for my party. You know how it goes, the more sales, the more free stuff!! Help a sista out! Haha.
I was also re-hired at my old job! Not my old hours but anything will help. I am getting closer to finishing my Medical Transcription program so with any luck I will be gainfully employed from home in the next few months!
That's it for now! Matthew has requested I start a "Mom Bucks" reward program so I have to spend the rest of the day ironing out the details! I keep you posted about that one!

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  1. Glad to hear you're finally getting started on the Mom Bucks Reward System. Hope Matthew wasn't holding his breath!!!

    Great update, but..... what about desperately missing your sister, nephew, and baby nieces? Out of sight, out of mind, clearly.