Sunday, December 20, 2009

Done Baking!

I am officially done baking, for today that is!! I made 2 different kinds of cookies, some pretzel turtles, as well as chili and corn casserole for dinner! I have been on my feet since they hit the ground and I am sooo tired!
My Brother in Law was kind enough to take Tyler to an all afternoon Boy Scout activity today. It was outdoors and it was freezing! Tyler had a great time with the other kids and I think that Ron had a great time chatting with the other dads, even if his oldest is only 2 years old! He was a real sport and I really can't thank him enough!
Anyhow, when they got home, Tyler asked, "So Mom, what did you do today?" I slowly rattle off the above list of activities, also mentioning the 3 loads of laundry, the trip to the grocery store, the unloading and putting away of the grocerys, oh yeah and a shower!
His response was, "That's it."
The response I would have loved to pass his way was not G rated so I settled for a "Yep" and went about my business.
So I ask you, when do they start to appreciate you??? Ever??? I sure hope so!

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  1. Now that you are done, wanna come help me.....I haven't even started with my baking yet!!