Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Me!

So 2009 went out with a BANG! Those of you who know me well, know that I have been put through the ringer in the last few months. I just wanted to get to the New Year and still be standing upright! I almost didn't make it. Between the move, new schools, new city and holidays as a single mom, I figured that it was an attainable goal. Nothing too high of course because emotionally I am pretty spent!
Well, December 26th roled around and we were half way to CT to visit family, feeling groovy and counting the minutes down as the miles added up. Then BLAM, the car DIED! So there I am on the NJ Turnpike, 3 kids, luggage, a car full of presents, in the POURING RAIN and the car won't go! Talk about a "What the Heck" moment!
To make this disasterous story a little shorter, it was 3 tow truck rides later, another night in a hotel, room service (because I had no car to get to McD's) and a car rental later and we arrived in CT. Broke, with dirty clothes and not christmas gifts (they were still in the van in NJ), my family took us in and put life back into my body.
I then packed everyone back up 3 days later, drove back to NJ to get the van and finally arrived home at 10pm last night. It was a 16 hour trip home! After hour 4 I started saying, "I am never doing this again!" By hour 14 I could hardly think straight!
As I woke up this morning, I decided to start 2010 with a new lease on life! I have been there, done that, bought the tee-shirt and donated it to Goodwill! Nothing can break me! I am unbreakable! Until the next disaster and the next and the next and the next!! Keep it coming! I can take it!
Next up... New Years resolutions! Anybody have one they want to share??

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  1. My resolutions are just about enjoying life more. That's a sucky end to the year. Here is to 2010 being way better!!!