Friday, January 8, 2010

Kids and cell phones

For a few months now I have contemplated the choice to get Tyler a cell phone or not. The pros and cons were about equal, so after careful consideration, I took the plunge! That was his big gift for Christmas. He was so excited and I had a hard time taking the smile off my face as well.
He was quick to say he knew everything and his friend had the same one and so on. I of course was super nervous about this new adventure. We have all heard the stories of parents with huge bills and kids texting a million texts a day but, I was secretly excited to finally have something to threaten to take away for rudeness and misbehavior! Yeah!
No really, it has been a joy for everyone in the family. He was fast to add all the family members he could think of and start texting! My sister even went over her texting allotment, she apparently is his new "phone buddy"!
I have even come to appreciate the call in the afternoon to say he is on his way home. Although, today's call was a request for a ride and a complaint that he couldn't get me to come and get him!
There will be a day when he will be calling someone else in his free time but for now, I am thrilled to be the recipient of his chatter!

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  1. Hmmm...your life sounds a lot like mine a little while back, except I have FOUR boys! Never a dull moment, huh? But I wouldn't have it any other way!!